Dr. Sina Kheirkhah

Dr. Sina Kheirkhah, P. Eng., is an Assistant Professor at UBC’s School of Engineering, where he leads the Combustion for Propulsion and Power Laboratory. Prior to UBC, he completed his Master’s and Ph.D. degrees at the Universities of Waterloo and Toronto in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, respectively. Dr. Kheirkhah’s areas of expertise include laser-based diagnostics, hydrogen combustion, Jet fuel and spray combustion, gas turbine engine combustors, and thermoacoustics. He has led several projects supported by Canadian industry and government such as NSERC, MITACS, and Canada Foundation for Innovation. Professor Kheirkhah is currently serving on the board of directors of the Combustion Institute/Canadian Section and is the co-organizer of the international premixed and non-premixed flames workshop.

  • Company:University of British Columbia
  • Short Bio:Assistant Professor School of Engineering Combustion for Propulsion and Power Laboratory
  • https://www.cpp.ok.ubc.ca/
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